Muhammad Ali, CEO Islam Channel

“Allah SWT referred to our beloved messenger, Mohammed (pbuh) as a ‘Mercy for Humanity’ a title which undoubtedly emulated his character and how he treated his fellow Muslims. The message Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) left for humanity strongly project’s his Mercy, Love, and Compassion.

For the past decade Minhaj-ul-Quran International have been striving to promote the importance of these ideals to its brothers and sisters in humanity. The organization has concentrated particularly on the idealistic and impressionable youth, teaching them the real Message of the Prophet (pbuh) which will lead them to be decent, productive and compassionate adults. At a time when Islam is being maligned and misrepresented, synonymous with words like violence and terrorism, we are grateful for such organizations which not only promote initiatives that educate the youth, but also counteract the negative myths about Islam. It is important to support the positive and exceptional work carried out by organizations like Minhaj-ul-Quran International.”


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