Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition

It’s a privilege for me to be able to send a message to your Peace and Humanity Conference This important initiative is so necessary for our society because your values of tolerance, understanding and of bringing people together including young people is exactly what our society needs.

A month or so ago we saw the terrible riots that affected some of our major cities but what we also saw was the vast majority of people, right across this country, coming out, cleaning up and saying, ‘no’ to the violence that we saw on our streets.

It’s exactly that message of peace, harmony and working together that I know your conference is designed to promote. And indeed the way you come at the issues that you’ll be talking about today, your faith, is such an important part of British life.And I pride the fact that Britain and indeed the Labour party embraces people of different faiths and of different backgrounds and that by and large Britain works together and people live together in harmony. And I know that is a message that you are trying to promote. So congratulations on your conference.

I look forward to hearing about your discussions. And I look forward to your organisations going from strength to strength.


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